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Three groups qualify for peace dance finals

One of the groups that was sent to the final


By Mandela Nelson Denis

As the “Alabu Dance”competition draws to a close, three dance groups namely:White Moon Dancers, South Sudan Dance Group and Soul Dancers have qualified for the finals.

The three groups who performed thebest, proved to the judges and the general spectators that their creative dance styles are ready to take them to be crowned the best.

The qualification of the three dance groups started with South Sudan Dance Group who amazed judges like Daniel Danis, Christina Pita and judge Jada to send them to the final.

The White Moon Dancers included two young boys who amused the audience when they danced the “Let’s Dance Song” by Felly Lupa.  The group danced the song exactly the way singers and dancers danced it.

The Soul Dancers comprised of acrobatic dancerswho earned themselves straight ahead to the final.

Sunday 4th of December shall be the final, where all the dance groups who made it to the semi-finals shall dance their best and the judges will play their role to see who takes home the 20,000SSP, trophies and many other prizes respectively.

The Alabu Dance theme is “Dance for Peace.” At the start of the competition 17dancers group joined to try their luck of making it to the final, though a few managed to make it on the night of 1st December at NyakuronCultural Center

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