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Three EAC states urged to sensitize public on visa waiver

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya government urged to conduct joint citizens sensitization on visa waiver so that citizens could  know the meaning of visa waiver among the countries.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said that “It is  time for South Sudan-Uganda immigration authorities to have joint citizens’ visa waiver sensitization session in both Juba and Kampala to educate citizens to avoid mistakes with the principles of visa waiver. The public voice stakeholders like civil society family in their various establishments should join with the leadership of the South Sudan migration authorities to sensitize the citizens on the actual operationalization of the Visa Wavier so that citizens are aware of the legality associated with the visa waiver practice,” he said.

“Recently, government urged the citizens to take responsibility to respect the legal steps for benefiting the Visa waiver.  Early similar directive was made by the Uganda authorities,”

He added that recently communications from South Sudan Police Services on the issue of the visa waiver offered very important message on why was important to sensitize the citizens of Visa Waiver among the countries in the region. The CEPO urged polices authorities in South Sudan and Uganda to conduct joint citizens sensitization on the visa wavier and this should embrace the involvement of civil society and media since they play effective role in raising public awareness on the use and importance of observing the legal steps in the face of visa wavier services        

He revealed that the recently positive developments were witnessed between South Sudan verse Uganda and South Sudan verse Kenya over matters of Visa Waiver. Visa Waiver is such important act for the interest of free movement and trade in the region and among countries. But the reality is that the state action on the Visa Waiver is somehow questionable. Practice is telling us that South Sudanese arriving Uganda have complained on the matters of visa Waiver as the same as Ugandans arriving in South Sudan. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization was greatly considered about the harassments and intimidations citizens of South Sudan and Uganda were receiving from both country immigration authorities

The business community view the visa waiver as key aspect for improvement of access to trade but from the aspect of practice the business community was not aware of the legal aspects associated with the visa waiver. The visa wavier is a clear demonstrate of commitment for the realization of free movement protocol by regional body such as IGAD and African Union.

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