Three civilians shot while police pursue driver

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Three civilians have been injured when a police man fired bullets to stop a driver after an accident.

Sources at the scene told Juba Monitor that the police officer accidently injured two people at Shirikat on Sunday as he was trying to shoot at a driver who accidentally knocked two people.

“They are three in number; one person was shot at the thigh while the two were shot at the arms with one person completely broken,” the sources said.

Police spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin confirmed the incident but said only two people were wounded as a result of the police shooting.

“The information is that the car knocked two people and the driver left the car and then started running away. So the police shot two bullets to scare him such that he stops but the bullets injured two people,” Maj. General Justin said.

He discarded the initial reports from the local sources that three civilians were injured.

“No no, two were injured as a result of fighting then the third one who was knocked by the car,” Maj. Gen. Justin explained.

He said the police officer has been arrested for further investigation to find out how the officer shot the people during the incident.

“Let the affected families be calm and wait for investigation. The law will take it course, no doubt about that,” Justin said.

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