Three children hospitalized after eating dead cow’s meat

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Three children and their mother have been admitted in Torit State hospital after eating meat of a dead cow.

Speaking to the press in Torit during the weekend, Lucy Asienzo Felix, a nurse at the hospital said the children developed watery diarrhoea as a result of eating the meat as food.

“We have four patients, three daughters and one mother, they are all sick but the mother is not seriously affected because she is a bit okay.

They are all female from Mura-hatiha, we are helping them and controlling the diarrhoea and vomiting, we are giving them ringa and hydrocortisone,” she explained.

Asienzo appealed to the public not to allow people to eat meat from dead cows saying at times the animals may be sick.

“I would like to tell the community that if a cow dies, let them not eat the meat, because may be the cow is poisoned somewhere, or may be brucellosis,” she emphasized.

Siama Mary, the mother to the children said the meat was from a dead young calf where she cooked and ate together with some young boys however, the case happened only to her and the children.

“I brought my children for treatment, all of them are sick. I cooked the meat of dead calf and the boys from the kraal were called to come to eat its head. This thing happened to me and my children but the rest of the people are well,” she said.

Mary added that the meat appeared as if it was poisoned saying she was advising other people not to eat such meat.

“This thing has caused diarrhoea and vomiting to me and my children. So let people not eat any meat like this again,” she stressed.

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