Three children drown in Ofua Refugee Camp, Uganda

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Three children got drown in Ofua Rhino camp in Uganda following heavy rainfall, Chairperson of Ofua Zone settlement said.

Alex William Lubari the Chairperson told Juba Monitor that the incident happened on Tuesday morning.

William said that, the deceased kids are South Sudanese between 3, 7 and 10 years old.

He said the heavy downpour happened at around 2:30 pm when their parents were still at the garden.

“When the mother was struggling to rescue her children the water overpowered two of them and took them but the mother was rescued because she was old enough to swim,” William said.

He urged the refugees who go for farming to far distance to be vigilant about the safety of their younger kids during heavy downpour.

Chairperson William encouraged communities to construct local tukuls or huts in their farms to help them whenever it rains.

He advised parents not to go along with their children to the farms. The heavy downpour has destroyed gardens, buildings in the refugees camps and many other properties within a period of two weeks of continues rain.

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