Thousands displaced as flood submerged South of Unity state

 By Chany Ninrew

Thousands of peole have been  displaced and crops destroyed  after devastating flood submerged homes following days of heavy rain in the counties of Panyijiar, Leer and Mayandit, south of Unity State.

A government official in Leer, John  Kueth Chuol confirmed to Juba Monitor  in a phone interview yesterday. He said that the flood has overwhelmed the whole Panyijiar and Leer, forcing civilians to higher grounds.

According to Chuol , the communities of Panyijiar and Leer have been battling the effect of flood since the midth of July up to now without humanitarian assistance.

“Since the 15th of July, there has been heavy rain and now the flood has affected all the 16 payams of Leer. We tried to build dykes but it has overwhelmed us. All the shelters had been destroyed and the people are living in higher areas without food, plastic sheets or mosquito nets,” he said.

Chuol  also said that they had been calling on Humanitarian Organisations to assess the situation and provide the much needed assistance but they didn’t receive any response.

“We had requested the Aid Workers several times to do assessment and to provide food, shelter and mosquito nets but we did not get any response until now,” Kueth added.

Most parts of Upper Nile especially greater Jonglei have been severely affected by flash flood since the middle of this year.

According to UNMISS, about 135,000 people are believed to be displaced by flood in Bor.

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