Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

The ban by the City Council of the sale of humanitarian food in the local markets around Juba is an admission that indeed this is true and there are people who have been doing this. Who are these people behind the sale of what is meant for the needy and which has been donated by friends of the country to avert the worsening situation. The sale of humanitarian food is not new. There have been several reports concerning these illegal activities. At one point the government raided several stores where hundreds of bags of these items clearly marked and filled in bags showing their origins were confiscated and some traders get arrested. What became of them after that is everybody’s guess. It cannot be ruled out that some people played a game and they were set free if not where they are and why the activities still continue unabated. For the council to come out and warn these traders, it means they have good knowledge of the whereabouts of the items or goods. They should move in and use the necessary machineries within their reach to apprehend these people and their collaborators. It beats all logic why some people do not have hearts to feel for others and normally take advantage of a worsening situation like now those engaged in the sale of humanitarian foodstuff. Traders and those supplying them and who must be employees of these humanitarian organizations should not be spared at all costs. Their collaborators who are protecting them should equally face the music. This exercise should not be confined to Juba but be extended to other towns in the country where reports indicate that the same businesses were being carried out. Juba has blown the whistle it is the responsibilities of all other areas to do the same.

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