Those sleeping on their jobs should wake up

The issue of Juba-Nimule road is not going away soon due its critically damaged nature as well as its great concern to all people living in the country. It is the road which links Juba to Uganda and then to Kenya. It is the transit route for imported goods which supply the market and complement businesses in Juba.

What is more striking now is the management of the road and challenges faced by the business people in the smooth movement of goods to the markets.

With rampant intimidations to businessmen coupled with many roadblocks and checkpoint while elements of crooked individuals solicit for bribes, traders’ ordeals cannot be described in a normal term.

With all the widespread potholes spotted almost every along the road beginning immediately from the bridge down to Nimule border; the road lays in ruins as the authorities stare at the dilapidating state of the transport system which slows-down the speedy arrival of goods in the market. The resultant delay leads to scarcity of commodity eventually hyping the prices of in-demand goods.

Government needs to take drastic measures to solve the problems of too many checkpoints on one road, arrest the perpetrators involved in illicit dealings and awake up those people who are sleeping on their job.

Those personnel who are not taking their jobs serious must bear the consequences of inactions or actions which allow these criminal syndicates to extort money from the traders.

This issue of potholes everywhere needs urgent attention from the Ministry of Road and Bridges in which lies the responsibility of road construction in collaboration with constructing companies.

Finally, the pertinent issues need to be critically looked into and actions to be taken where it’s deemed appropriate and necessary.

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