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This week it is all nyakuron made in south sudan but…

This week our attention were all focused towards Nyakuron Cultural Centre to see  and witness the on-going “Made in South Sudan Exhibition” whose theme is “together promoting South Sudan Business and Industrial Development” organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in partnership with key players among them private sector and UNDP. This was our week and nothing was going to divert our attention outside the national one week exhibition. Juba was turning to be a shining example after many years of conflict, so we thought, until this son of… who is our common friend came up with two burning issues. One, for the first time the Director of Juba Prison, one, Brig Gen. Michael Malou admitted that a mysterious or unknown disease had hit the institution whose population capacity was over 1,000 inmates.  This is where our worry centered on. The prison’s unknown disease may kill thousands and spread to other parts of the town before finding its ways to other areas in the country. Prison is prison and always will remain prison. It is supposed to be a correction unit of criminals by the Government. In other situations prisoners come out with different skills learned inside the white walls. They end up being professionals of uppermost standard. Some however come out with nothing but to continue with their crime bits. So when Brig Gen. Malou admit liability, then the country , more so, the Ministry of Health must come out sooner than later to arrest the situation before going out of hand. SaTP was not convinced with the last experience he had with the Ministry of Health where 15 children died for professional carelessness during the measles vaccination in Kapoeta. He was not going to take chances with one called Dr. Riek Gai Kok who is the boss of the Ministry of Health and whose word should be final. But our be-spectacle friend was not taking it low with the honorable doctor. He wondered why the Minister should have waited until the director sounded the alarm. He thought it was in the jurisdiction of Health personnel to make regular visits to institutions such as prisons and other likes. We were in these discussions thinking a wide range when our friend’s cell phone rang and he changed the topic to Lobonok County. The son of a paramount chief had been killed and another one in mysterious circumstance. Fingers are pointing at some people who are neighbors of the County. It came back to us that for how long will inter-conflict take away young people who are supposed to be prepared for driving this country towards success tomorrow. Our minds raced back to one word, “insecurity.”

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With Odongo Odoyo

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