Editorial 25th June 2018


It is the hope of everyone that the current stalemate in the continued hostility between the warring parties will soon come to an end. This is a fact possibly seeing the change of mind and efforts being applied by all key players. It is with God’s grace that this country has strived this far to move closer to ever lasting peace. A thousand thanks must be accorded to the government headed by President Salva Kiir. And more so, to the regional bloc and the African Union. It is not time to blow own trumpet, but where good is seen to be done, thanks has to be given. The country is keenly following what result will come out of Khartoum with fresh memories of the Addis Ababa deadlock still lingering in the minds of many. This time let pride and self-ego being applied by other parties, be a thing of the past. Let them reason putting in mind the continued suffering of the majority. Each one of them would enjoy having a peaceful background they call home. Let this be the last round of talks which would break the camel’s back. Let the next meeting scheduled for Nairobi be a formality to endorse what has been agreed in Khartoum and let the next council of ministers and head of states meeting being planned for Addis Ababa on the present peace process finally come out and announce its success to the public and the world over. Everyone cherishes and adores peace for national and international development programs. Let this time around peace be in the front of delegation to the peace talks and be welcomed appropriately. Let all manners of reasoning and civilities be the bench- mark to the peace process. Let us all sing with praise that peace has come back to the country. Let us once again be a proud society that cherishes peace in every corner of the country.

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