Editorial 17th October 2018

It cannot be true because it would be the last thing one would like to listen to or know. Yesterday in this same column we strongly called on the authority to remove all commercial sex workers from their operation dens across the city of Juba and other parts of the country. We advanced strong reasons pointing out why they are a risk and death coffin to the society. However, it was shocking to learn from other quarters that the joint operation between the City Council and a section of the security organs had been turned into milk cow where instead of arresting the culprits, they were asked to pay for their freedom and left to continue with their work as if nothing had taken place. We will all agree that this is not the kind of public service delivery the country should be subjected to. People must start to live above turning anything meant for public good into self gain. The begging question would be; does City hall and security organ bosses know what is happening behind them or within their back-yard? Deputy Mayor Nhial Majak is on record saying that plot owners where these activities are taking place will be reposed and closed down for the good of the public. Reports that more than 170 such people have been taken to court is also refreshing, but what the authority should know is that there are about 200 officially registered hotels and restaurants in Juba alone and unknown number of small time bars and these brothels. How they intend to make the exercise work is within their knowhow but outside the docket of the public who are left to believe on the information being circulated from the same would be targeted culprits. Let there be honesty and truth in doing this work for the sake of the society and the country.

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