The truth is that the two leaders President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar are in Juba to plan for the formation of the next government. It is not in our domain to pre-empt the success of the face to face meeting between the two. But one thing is clear. Both leaders this time around are working for peace for the country. Although the meeting might have been delayed and not taken place as expected, but that Dr. Machar is in Juba is in itself a milestone. It brings to reality the commitments and wants of peace. It is with this that time has come for the entire population to join the leadership for the good of tomorrow. Although the much expected meeting was superseded with the Sudan peace talks in Juba. It is the President’s wish that peace be enjoyed in the region and the neighbourhoods. As this exercise is going on there must be tolerance and understanding of the situation and where the country has come from. It should not be taken for granted that it is an easy task. Salute must go to those who have worked hard to have this process take-off the ground and reach where it is. Let reasons remain the guiding factor in having a successful roundtable meting for the benefit of the country. People have suffered enough and would wish this to remain history in the archive as they move forward to build the country. It can only be possible with understanding the situation the country has faced since attaining independence in 2011. This should change now with peace and the formation of the next government.

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