Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I woke up overloaded with a number of things in my mind which l had to give priority whatever it takes. A Musomi (a well-educated) friend called me to point out to me what was wrong and good in this field of my profession. I listened to his words which sounded like a sermon from the pulpit. Half of what he said was almost true, but l did not tell him so. I was not ready to take the responsibility of someone’s doing. Although l kept my friend in a long telephone conversation, the truth was sinking down my spine slowly and l became a free man when we ended the talk.

Some people are afraid to be told the truth. They would rather live in a world of imagination where truth is not told. It is not possible to go far with such behaviours which do not allow one to prosper in the long walk ahead. I just got overloaded once again with thoughts, and then l remembered something very important outside the box of our discussion with my friend. Reports that 864,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine would soon be on the way home was a consoling factor, knowing that it would lessen the threat of the pandemic in the country. I wanted to be-friend some good officers of Ministry of Health to place me in the list of first come first served. It was important for the officers in the Ministry to remain firm and transparent in their application of the doses.

I wanted to bring to their notice that somewhere in the world some people were faking the vaccine and disposing them in large quantities. I needed to remind them that because of the offer they should not fall prey to the fake dose manufacturers. This brought back fresh memories of the Madagascar findings which went dodo as it came. I am of the strong belief that as it happened in the Garden of Eden, there will be a number of temptations and those with minds of quick chooms (money) will not waste time. They will be encroaching in borderlands with or without demarcation. This is where the authorities should come in to save the general public from exploitation. Back to the Ministry, you should tell the public prior to the receipts of the vaccine who will be in the first category of the jab because the doses may not be sufficient for the entire population.

Attention should be on health workers who are in daily contact with the sick and who stand a chance of contracting the virus. This is a glimpse of hope that may well help to keep us alive with expectation to the end of this dangerous pandemic. The time is now to have hope and live for tomorrow when the vaccine will have reached us. I am aware that the African Union (AU) had equally proposed sourcing for the vaccine to be delivered in the continent. Let this be a reality of our time.

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