This is South Sudan

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This phrase is common; people talk about it on the streets; social gathering, markets and other places in case South Sudanese misbehave. It has been said by foreigners also reflecting the behavior of South Sudanese in what is going on in the country.

In most occasions, it has been reflecting bad actions of South Sudanese. It is we (South Sudanese) who wanted us to be called like that with what we did and still we are doing. In addition to that we like to call some of our countrymen like that.

This behavior is anywhere in other country; it is the way such a person might have been brought up. It also depends on the way you were educated by your parents and guardians, and the environment where you live and grew. Children behaviors change according to the environment they live. Many communities have different approaches. The way they talk or present themselves is not the same with others. It looks like there are arrogant people who have bad behavior towards others.

What was bad is the mentality of fighting in political way which caused killings of innocent people.

For example, if you are fired, then you run to the bush and become rebel fighting against government and killing innocent people. That had happened with some politicians in the country before the signing of the peace agreement. Others thought the only way of solving problems is to fight, which is wrong.

Based on what we have been saying, foreigners also condemn us with our acts. We don’t respect human dignity, always we want to be superior to others. We look for other tribes like they are not human beings. All those behaviors were due to ignorance of knowledge of God.

In face there is nobody on earth greater than God. All of us were created by God and He is our superior. However, let us change our mentality on our talks and the way we react and response to individuals. If a person does wrong, better to mention his or her mistake, instead of saying that is the behavior of South Sudanese. Not all South Sudanese have the same behavior and characters with the reasons mentioned above.  In any simple issue, people should not fight; rather be patient and learn to solve problems in good manner; killing each other cannot help us.

Let us improve our way of doing things and respect any human being regardless of their ethnicity including foreigners. Therefore, what you did or is still doing is not the behavior of South Sudanese; it is your personal behavior.

May God bless us all.

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