This is just the beginning

By Agar Mayor Gai

I have always talked about the failure of South Sudan, but today, it’s a different story as we shift focus more slightly to the path of the positivity unfolding in this land of abundance. Having been placed in a nation where we hold the key to build or destroy, let’s be mindful about the forefathers who fought so bravely for a standalone State called South Sudan.

Most of these liberation vanguards fought and got killed during the struggle to attain one major objective, the independence. Some were imprisoned, raped and robbed of their rights but they never gave in.

Determined to achieve their objective, all they could do was to move forward regardless of raging death, hunger and a series of humanitarian catastrophe of the time. They fought tirelessly and relentlessly with hope that one day they would rejoice in what will be called their own nation with everything in it being within their reach and authority.

However, there was a key factor that paved way for the success of their struggle, and that factor was unity. All the 64 tribes were united with an agenda to fight the common enemy of the time.

Unity was just but one of the powerful tools used by our forefathers to dislodge the enemies from the land. That’s a success story. If this factor worked back then, it can work today.

If one wonders and ponders where the success story is, take a break and think about how South Sudan came into existence. Precisely, our forefathers have done their parts and we greatly commend their achievement.

As the saying goes, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” The success of the liberation struggle was just the beginning of the goodies anticipated by South Sudan prior to the independence.

But it takes sacrifices, determination and the spirit of nationalism both from the government and every patriotic citizen to shape the image of the country and deliver to the national interests.

Attaining independence in 2011, South Sudan is less than a decade old. The youths need educational and financial empowerment, critical governmental sectors need fixing.

So, we are very distinctive from the founding fathers of this nation and that calls for a need of our own generational success. The answer is very easy and clear to all that, this is just the start of the nation. Though we do not show any signs of any individual sectorial success and improvement, it is too early to take this generation of ours for a failed one.

We still have much time and potential to repair that which has been torn; a time to create and be able to maintain the success for a unity South Sudan this is what we all long for. Though there are some people who may not be happy with the unity because of their individual benefits, we are and will always be sure that time shall come when self-centrality and tribalism will cease to exist in this land.

Therefore, if there is a fact that in our national service and the general livelihood of the citizens, there is an illness, we should not give up struggling to find a medicine to that disease. If we continue to toil, we will find the right solutions to our current problems. The government workers and the citizens must have a contributive hand in doing this task.

The writer is a recent high school leaver and he also doubles as a teacher. He is reachable via; 0925287767

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