This is just a bend not the end

By Ngor Khot Garang

The quoted statement that makes the title of this article is not something new to many of us. It has been widely used by writers, religious people and scholars from different walks of life to enlighten people that challenges of this life are temporary and one must always stand up in the midst of difficult times and face some of their greatest fears. This is to say that the problems of this world have always been associated with suicide simply after failure, death of a loved one or a bend on the road of life, we feel like we could not move anymore and then without thinking twice, we throw in the towel but that is not the way thing should go.

There is always a way even when we don’t see it and despite what happens, one must always appreciate the little that he has including life and wait for his turn in life because this life is a matter of chance and hard work. When you are sick and tired of your life, just be assured that you have life and God is not charging you for the air you breath. And if there is a way we can pay him, it is by doing the best with the little we have because that is what truly matters. It doesn’t matter if you are poor, lame or whatever names you call yourself; God wants you to do the best with what you have.

 And forgive me because this is never going to be easy. Going out there to meet the life that you want would need you to be strong enough to face it because it is tough and the weaker ones easily gives up when they reach this stage. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything here because we all know what our world is and what it costs to see the kind of life we want unfold before us. Life drives us differently and this would be better if you are in your driver seat of your own life, some people are on their hospital beds right now, many are grieving while some are struggling with nothing to eat and others are eating buttered bread. On the other hand, life itself forgives no one even if you are young or old. The disabled are even forced by life to try their ability or to grave with hunger.

 Nobody care for the other in this world even your own brother may rejoice in your downfall sometimes if you don’t get yourself up. It is you alone and nobody else in the fight.  “You carry your own cross and the grave is yours alone”.  As they say. It takes only you to turn things around. In the world that I have seen, even if you cry with bloody tears for the people to come to your aid, you will only be unfortunate. You are your own helper and you should understand this before it is too late.

You don’t need people to come from nowhere to help you out, no. People only help and befriend those pockets and stomachs are heavy but if you are from the loathed community where people burn daily in the flames of poverty and political misunderstanding. Nobody will even want to see alive. You have to be strong enough and wipe your tears with hopes that the best is yet to come.

It is a bitter truth that many people with weaker hearts dies before their time and the ones whose hearts are strong wipes tears that never stop, but they win in the end and you can do it too if you hardened your heart.   Therefore, it is only your heart that will hold you back. There are people whose hearts were broken by the happenings of this world.  Maybe the loss of someone you loved so dearly, financial woes or it could be broken relationships. 

Some of these people were pained by these happenings to the extent of taking their lives while the rest composed and remained true to them. This is the kind of strength we need to exude to overcome life’s challenges. You will realize that no man or woman would believe in your strength more than yourself neither is there someone who cares if you succeed or not. You have to stick to what you are doing and when no one comes to back you up.  Do it alone and live every moment as if it were your last. You will surely make it in the end.

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