Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This time around, the security organ must have done this country proud by busting the international drug ring which had criss-crossed from, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and on reaching here were nabbed with what was termed as dangerous and hard drugs which can only meancocaine and its’ like, but this is not what l am into. I am into knowing how these people covered four countries with a big distance differences and were arrested here when hawk-eyed security agent spotted misconduct on them or what was it.The four countries covered claim to have the best and latest security fashions to meet the current need. How then did they fail to bust what Juba did. Or should we say that there are hidden hands behind the five arrested who saw to it that the passage was full proof. It could have been fool-proof but sorry they were not lucky in Juba which brings back memories of the past how hard drugs have spoiled many youth in the world and what the international laws says about the drug traffickers. The fight against the traffickers and the users are known and open. In some countries it goes with death penalty. There must be a stop to it and this time the security organs in this country are standing tall to outwit the others. They have demonstrated the opposite while well aware that drug dealers are known worldwide to be chummed or moneyed, they remained to their oath and calling because if it was somewhere else and we don’t know what happened in the first four countries which did not detect anything suspicious about the drug dealers. The conclusion is an easy one, are they protected or did they use other influences which they might have applied but did not work here, it is possible they tried their magic but being officers of honour the security personnel who handled the matter up to the arrest did not bend their professional requirements. They arrested the five who are now waiting trials. These are few officers who deserve to be recognized for a job well done. They should be emulated by others so that security forces would be above reproach and gain respect both locally and internationally. These officers made it possible from the hard drugs not to go through Sudan and reach Libya the intended destination, so they saved many from drug harm which would have resulted if the mission succeeded. It aborted and it should be the start of serious fight against drug traffickers in collaboration with other world agencies. This is the way we should all follow to make this country and the world a better place to live in. We all must say no to hard drugs and the traffickers. The country has sent a stern warning to the traffickers that this is a no go zone for them and their backers. There is no place to hide in here and that warning is real.

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