This country needs you – Norwegian Ambassador

By Nema Juma 

The Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan Siv Kaspersen   has encouraged journalists in the country  not to give up during their work despite the challenges they are face while doing their work in the field of Journalism adding that the situation would change.

This came when the Ambassador gave a courtesy visit to Juba Monitor after two days of celebration of the International Day to end impunity against journalists.

  The aim of the visit was to monitor how journalists work in their news rooms however, the Ambassador hoped to visit more media houses in the country to encourage  journalists.

Speaking to Journalist in the news room, Amb. Kaspersen, said that the work that the journalists are doing is really inspiring and   encouraged them to continue working hard despite the harsh environment and the challenges the journalists are facing in the field.

“I encourage you to continue working despite the challenges you’re facing in this field of journalism, the situation will change, always know that this country needs you, Kaspersen said

She also promised to raise the voice of journalists at the diplomatic level 

Meanwhile the Editor in Chief Anna Nimirano applauded the Ambassador and his team for paying a courtesy call to Juba Monitor newspaper.

“I thank you so much for your visit to Juba Monitor main office  during this difficult  time of the  pandemic, I understand it has not been easy but you managed to come, we hope to see you again,” Anna said. 

On the same note, one of the Copy Editors Wecnyin Turic, appreciated the   Ambassador and her team for their advices and encouragements.

“We are glad to have you  with us and we will take  every single word that  you have given to us to continue working despite the challenges in the country,” he said

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