Odongo Odoyo

By Ngor Khot Garang (Guest)

Last week all the servants in Bor, Jonglei State went on a peaceful strike demanding better pay and working allowances and it was not long before the government promised to meet their demands. As time went by, what transpired between the State government and the civil workers is still puzzling. Many questions remained unanswered. 

December 17th, the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resources Development made it public that the salary of civil servants were increased by 100 percent.  What remains unknown is why these people are still demonstrating. The government must not by any means or circumstance betray the trust of their people.

Trust is the only social fabric that keeps every functioning society together. There is no doubt, most South Sudanese beat impossible odds without government in their lives. When these people went on strike, they wanted to awaken the government and indeed their voices were heard and the president really felt bad.

He agreed and you know the president never tells lies. He says and stays by those words without changing even a single statement. What we still can’t understand is why they are too slow in execution. The delay is going to cost most people, not the civil servants alone but the state government too. It may be pregnant with violence one.

The point I want to make here is that you should not let the building catch on fire and you struggle to put it off. In every society where there is chaos and inequality, only the strong survive. This means that you must take a life to save your own in times of crisis.

This is a man-eating society. Who pays the prize? Of course, in times as bad as these, the strong survive and the weak fall off the wax.  I don’t believe there is a strong person here. We are all weak people who have been strong for a very long time.

But there are people who are weaker than others, they need the power to have their backs in times of need. The government in this regard is entrusted to be a voice and hope of the weak majority.

It is not new, the government may sometimes miss the road and hit the rock but it is also expected to compose itself and protect those who cannot take care of themselves. The powerful of the land must not use the authority they have to exploit the poor.  They must work for the betterment of a common man. If a poor man has land, the power must protect that man. Power should not corrupt or reward good work with evil, for this is how society fails. Power must keep the trust of the people. 

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