Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This week is going to be a busy one for political direction from all inclusive. An American would say “there gonna be heavy dose of activities” or something like that. It is a prayer of everyone in Juba and the whole country that these activities should translate into something tangible and profitable to  the whole nation. This far, political leaders have talked and come closer to resolving the outstanding issues. There is immediate and urgent need that some of the issues should be given brotherly and sisterly approach without holding the whole country and the citizens at a stop. There is need to understand our-own-self to reach something which can be remembered for now and the future generation. Nothing remains permanent and in every situation a solution must be found only with trust and love.  Peace should be above all reproaches. The leadership of this country and the main opposition to the peace agreement have promised time and again that they will not again take this country back to the past. This has been one of the key factors that everyone is putting all their trust and effort on. They should not negate to the promises they have made to the people. Equally the general public must also stand up and say no to any negative approach which can further divide the country through ethnic lines. There must be understanding to live together and walk the talk together until the process succeeds. For now all the eyes are watching Juba for the peace talk’s stakeholders to come to the conclusion of their arbitrations and let reasons prevail along the line. We are eagerly waiting for the results of what has taken this long to come near achievements. It must be done now because this is what all South Sudanese needs. They need peace today than tomorrow which will allow and enable them to move forward. It can only be this way when all stand together to embrace the identity of a nation not ethnicity. There have been concerted efforts to have the citizens live in peace and like brothers and sisters. They should be proud to be one people one nation and only talk the language of oneness. There are distractors who will be taking advantage of the on-going situation for their own selfish end. These are people who must be watched and stopped in their tracks before eroding and diverting attention from the much struggled for peace and stability. They must be told that this time around there would be no space for them because the citizens have heard enough of them. This time the country’s population is following the leadership who are championing the cause of having the ever-lasting peace which has been so elusive for a long time. No more chaos and no more hostility against one another. It is the last thing one would want to include in the menu currently being prepared.

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