Thirty Sudanese refugees graduate from YTDO

Youth Technology Development Organization (YTDO) has demonstrated the solidarity as local Non-Governmental Organization by giving basic skill on business planning to Sudanese refugees.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony yesterday where over 30 refugees graduated, Chairperson Youth Technology Development Organization, Thomas Muto Samuel said there is need for South Sudanese to help other refugees who have been hosted within in order to beef strong relationship with the host country.

“Today (Wednesday) mark a great achievement to us  as a country and tell the World that as we have challenges we  also have heart of  helping our neighboring friends who also have problems and came and settled in our country,” Muto said.

“Refugees are the people who are in need of humanitarian activities because they are in foreign land. They don’t have the rights that we have, so they have to be given the support that can make them stand up by giving them the skills and also they should be given a chance to understand the culture of this country,” he added.

He stressed that the local organization should expand their network (activities) to reach different communities residing in most parts of the country.

According to Muto, the training was the first of its kind with support from UNHCR because refugees are the special people who need humanitarian assistance to help them sustain their lives in the host country.

Dalal Philibus Manzul, one of the graduates welcomed the initiative taken by Youth Technology Development Organization, said after acquiring the skill she can start her business.

“I had wanted to start business but I was lacking the skills,” she said. “If I am to begin my business, I am quite sure that it will be successful,” Mrs. Manzul said.

She said the UNHCR and other Organizations that supported the training should provide them with capital to start their business since they lack capital at the moment.

Meanwhile, Musa Ibrahim Kuku, also one of the graduates said he will put the skills into practice, “I am not going to sit down, I will try as much as possible to put it into practice.




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