Thirty schools in Jubek state got 100 percent pass

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Jubek State Ministry of Education in Jubek state announced the results of the Primary leaving examinations yesterday.

The results have seen at least 34 schools in Jubek State scoring a 100 percent pass.

According to the results announced yesterday, the best performing candidate in the state was Daniel Wani Laku Erneo from Standard Nursery and Primary School with 476 marks while the best girl was Roda Perry Jermia from Juba Christian Centre (JCC) Model with 449 marks.

A total of 12,331 candidates sat for the examinations however, 11,009 only passed which represent 89.3 percent.

The number of male candidates who sat the exams was 6,606 while 5,725 were females.

Wani Sule Lado, State Minister of Education mentioned that there was moderate increase in the states’ performance this year.

Sule said there was an increase in the number of those who sat in 2019 compared to those who sat in 2018.

Privates schools have performed better compared to governments schools.

Sule said private schools have continued to perform better because their teachers were motivated.

All the best 10 candidates were from private schools and two third of the candidates that took the exams are also from private schools, he said.

To improve the performance of the government schools, Sule said plans were underway to motivate teachers.

“We are also giving them incentives, but we should increase the emolument for teachers.”

The minister noted that female candidates have shown improvement adding the gender gap slightly narrowed.

“We also noticed there is general better performance and the gender parity is also narrowing down between the male and female students,” he said.

He pointed out that Mangala was the leading county in the State followed by Lirya, adding that some counties did sit for last year national exams.

“Some of our counties did not feature here, counties like Wondruba, Ganji, Dolo and Bungu and this is the fact that there were no candidates taking exams in those places but we have some of the children who took their exams within Juba here,” he explained.

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