Thirty-four firefighters trained

By Wek Atak Kacjang

 Thirty-four officers from National Civil Defense Services have been trained on handling fire outbreak in case there is incidence of fire in the area.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Acting Commissioner General for Fire Safety and Disaster Management, Maj. Gen. John Tomilyan Daniel said he was very happy to see the training of the officers which was conducted by Commissioner of National Civil Defense services.

“Every officer, Non-commissioned officer and men to be trained to do nice work which is very important in order to protect lives of citizens specially the issue of shops catching fire in the market. Therefore, am asking the officers who were brought to these training to receive experience so that they can go and help the citizens in various states.”

He applauded the international committee of Red Cross for the initiative aimed at supporting the training of officers in the field of first aid which is very important especially in the unit of Civil Defense.

 Meanwhile, the Director General for Training, Colonel Abdelrazig Dapit said the training will last for three months and   after the training, all officers will be back to their various units. The officers were trained on how to turn off fire when the house is burning or any fire flammable and others thing.

 “This training brings all officers together from various States including three Special Administrative Areas,” Dapit said.

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