THIRTY-Female MPs to visit Kenya, Rwanda

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mary Nawal Martin yesterday stated that 30 female parliamentarians were expected to visit Rwanda and Kenya with the first group leaving on on 20th of November for Nairobi. The second group leaves the country on 29th November for Kigali.

The visit is to allow the MPs to learn from their MPs counterparts from Kenya and Rwanda.

Addressing the Media Nawal said that the visit was to allow the MPs to obtain new knowledge and to introduced new strategies after the trip in parliament of South Sudan.

“The female MPs reasons of visits is to get engaged with the Rwandan and Kenyan MPs to learn and also to know how they handle basic services to their people, so that we learn from them and also bring that idea to South Sudan, “she said.

She added that theMinistry was expecting the MPs to come back with a spirit and knowledge on how to debate and stand their ground as an MP.

The first 15 will be going to Kenya and then after their return, the other remaining 15 will be going to Rwanda, “she added.

However, she said that MPs were selected through their political affiliated parties.

“The first group are travelling to Kenya on 20ths of November and the second group will be going on 29th of this month, however they will be spendingten days, the firstfive days for the first group and the other five days for the second group, “she stressed.

 She added that her ministry was willing to take both the female and the male MPs but because the organization that was funding parliamentary affairs currently was a women led organization, the reason, why they were limited from including male MPs.

“We would have taken both female and male MPs but UN women organization that is giving us fund sthrough CEPO is a women led organization that deals in empoweringwomen only but in case we get other funds from other organization next time we will include male MPs, “she narrated.

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