Thirty days gone, nothing achieved

By Nema Juma

A report by the civil society taskforce on the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement says the new government has barely achieved nothing in the period of thirty days.

The report released on Tuesday evaluated the implementation of the peace agreement in the last 30days.

It shows that the 30 days of the Transitional government had gone with nothing implemented in the revitalized agreement except the incomplete formation of the government.

It says the failure to accomplish Pre-Transitional tasks is stark manifestation of another unlikelihood to consistently and timely implement the peace agreement.

“The lack of reliable and regular information from established public authority in the country especially on the delays in the formation of the new Unity government is a dangerous recipe for misinformation and escalation of fand instability in the country,” the statement partly reads.

The statement says a unity government without unified forces undermines not only the provision of peace agreement but also the ability of the unity government to effectively to respond to security challenges the country faces.

“It gives room for lawlessness, especially proliferation of inter –communal violence and unchecked harassment of civilian,” it reads

“This further increases an already dire humanitarian crisis especially in case that results in displacement of population like in the eastern part of the country,” it added.

The report recommended that the RTGoNU ‘s Minister of Peace building should lead the process of the comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the R-ARCSS focusing on the status, strategies and resource;  update the matrix of implementation and develop peace implementation work plan for Transitional period.

It added that the officials of the RTGoNU particularly the leaders in the Presidency, should jointly reach out the civil population around the country and provide assurance of the peace implementation and call for reconciliation.

The report stated that the President and the parties to R-ARCSS should complete the formation of all government structures at national and sub national level and provide clear instruction on what is expected of all constitutional post holders.

It urged the leadership of the RTGoNU to compensate for discrepancy in the affirmative action of women representation in the remaining appointment of the state governors and the chairperson of independent national commission.   

It is a month since the five Vice Presidents were sworn in. the appointment of the governors and the reconstitution of the parliament is yet to be done.

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