Think of a united South Sudan

By Agar Mayor Gai

As the saying goes that an army of united termites can bring down an elephant, someone, in this country, may ask what we would bring down if we were united. Or when once upon a time we had unity, what did we bring down? These are, if we want to lift up high the name of this country and its people, the questions we should ask ourselves.

The first one has to be answered in the context of the challenges that disunity and tribalism have brought about. In other words, we can put it right that disunity and tribalism are the core makers and creators of our current situation.

We know that with tribalism and disunity, corruption and greediness for a chance to corrupt have risen to their highest peak. It can be remarkably said that all in this country, have a part in its destruction. When we abuse and talk ill against the government, it is only a chance to corrupt that we want and not necessarily building a nation economically, socially and politically. Now ask yourself, how do we go about this problem?

We bark and bark for years and when later given a government position, we keep silence. Not with even a good silence, we keep quite because we are busy eating and no longer having another mouth to order for construction of hospitals, schools and roads. Does this mean that it is a somewhat kind of bribery that happens? Surely not, a person cannot be bribed of what belongs to him. It is what you are not part of which are bribed. It is however not bad to eat but a problem comes in when we eat even what does not belong to us individually.

Our consuming what belongs to the nation is what has brought us upto this level. With our natural resources, we ought to be at another level higher than this.

To solve this problem, we must revise this country’s history. And the second question has the solution to our challenges. In the beginning, we had the same problems as of the present. The only difference is that our suffering of the past was based on racism, religion and other inhuman practices by our friends. How we tackled this challenge is what resulted in to the birth of our country in the year 2011. With unity, we brought down racism, religious differences and other inhuman practices. We made it to an independent country because of love, unity and hardworking. We wanted equal humanity in a way that no Blacks, Arabs or Whites. We are equal in the eyes of our creator and thus, there was not be enjoying at the expense of the other, looking down at the other. This called for an independent South Sudan.

And surely, it did happen. The Arabs accepted that we be the caretakers and maintainers of our own resources. How was this going to happen? The fact that we fought for equal delivery of services, justice and accountability was an indication to the world that we would, with no doubt, fight against corruption, tribalism and disunity in our own nation. In other words, the unity of the then generation was to be the only antidote of corruption and tribalism. Why have we let gone of this unity? Think of how this unity made the fighters to have their voices heard by the international community. Also think of a united South Sudan. If South Sudan is united, what do you think will get off our thick hands? Surely, not a single challenge goes unsolved.

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