Peace was signed and South Sudanese jubilated, but the real peace will be enjoyed when all what was agreed is implemented accordingly.

The peace implementers are trying their best to make sure all things agreed in the Peace Agreement are correctly implemented such that there would he lasting peace in the country, but there are still a lot of conflicts going out around communities. Such people who are still causing more fear to the civil population are the enemies of peace.

As the politicians are preparing for election campaigns which are expected to start in 2022, the citizens are also eagerly waiting to cast their votes. With a lot of conflicts, crisis and division, they hope that the election will be a chance to elect leaders of their choice who will deliver the services they demand.

But in a common view, the election process would be hard if preparations are not started. Will the census be done only for people who are settle in their own villages and towns?  What about the the IDPS and Refugees?  Are they not important to participate in the election?

There are still conflicts in some communities. Innocent girls and women are still subjected to GBV especially by armed criminals in uniform. Roads under ambushes in which humanitarians workers and business people trying to help the economically affected people to get services.

There is no yet one army formed. Soldiers still move around the corners of towns with guns which put civilians in fear. Such examples are some of the reasons the process to the general election will be difficult.

Many things which need to be corrected include: Recovery of economy such that citizens would afford the cost of  living, to get their basic needs. Land grabbing is another issue causing conflict between the powerless and the powerless. There is also ethnic division among people. People want to walk with friends from their own backgrounds. There’s corruption and exploitation of the minority. And more examples.

In order to prepare for elections, there must be reign of peace at every corner of South Sudan such that People will be free and happy to live without fear.

Elections will be hard to carry out when the civil population is facing sever hunger, floods, insecurities and lack of understanding of what is written in the peace Agreement. They need to be protected, empowered, informed, educated and guided in the process.

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