It takes a brave man to say it as it should be. “I put on a brave face but unhappy or dying within”. These are strong words coming from none other than the head of State, President Salva Kiir on the continued plight of the masses in the country. Critics of the Government have been preaching different messages. But what the President told the country from the bottom of his heart was that he is not happy at all to see many people suffering through many ills in the country. Indeed only a caring father can honestly echo these words and the President is indeed the father of the nation who would be in the forefront ensuring peace and stability was enjoyed by everyone. This is how probably he reached the decision to jump-start the peace process through the National Dialogue. He has come out and expressed the feeling he has for the country and the people, it is only fair that other leaders in politics and social avenues play their role of modelling and bringing peace to the country. Those playing double edge should be told point blank that this country belongs to all, irrespective of their political and social alignments. The fruit of development and other social requirements will only be seen to be felt when peace is enjoyed and everyone goes about his or her business in a peaceful manner. The suffering of many that is hurting the leadership deep into the heart would be a thing of the past. The foregone past should not be a recipe for repeat occurrence anywhere or anytime in the country. All parties to the continued conflict must come to terms and squire it out on the table, not through force or gun. Reasons must lead the way and all to know that the country is bigger than an individual. This far, we shall embrace peace. Only then shall tears stop flowing from our eyes. Let us all give peace a chance.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo



In the world and our lifetime, many things come our ways on daily basis but in reality, there is only one good, “knowledge” and one evil “ignorance” Piece these together and you will find put the meaning of life. Un-piece them and your world will remain opaque. The wise saying is that wisdom is more appropriate than other forms of education or learning. Wisdom is given by our creator. This is how the world should behave when we are judged in different context that do not befit us or are not ourselves beings. In most cases unexposed or simple minds discuss people but greater minds discuss events. Events include development of one’s mind and thought and how far he/she sees beyond the nose of his universe. In many occasions they collide en-route to perfection and this are some of the hard facts we have to learn in life to enable us live longer life. We owe it to God almighty and those who fear and respect his being are blessed. These are reality of life with simple logics behind them. Logic to live and see far in the future. This is the world SaPT was trying to avoid and kick off the back. His world is of today although he pretends or claims to be exposed in the present world of IT. He is almost turning out to be an IT wizard that can access anything possible worldwide. He is not genius but want all sundries to believe in his genuineness. This is our SaPt who will not admit not to know anything and cannot be convinced that he know nothing. SaPT is the type of those who dominate a subject and lead the conversation non-stop and will not give it a break until his words are done. We were in this side of the world and as usual SaPt brought about the topic of the Kampala Mayor, Lordship, Lukwango who was claimed to be under investigations In the Uganda capital city. Little was it relevant to our situation that we did not understand why this be-spectacle was bringing the matter up and at this time. This happened sometime back last week and it was as if we had forgotten it. SaPT reminded us that the reason why he was taking keen interest was that already we had an interest in the neighboring country. We had readers and advertisers. The truth, SaPT was pleading with the top brass to send him to Kampala for a fact finding mission. But instead of facing it with them he was using the long way to reach his destination. A man should be courageous enough to walk a straight line and reach his intended destination instead of meandering along the way.

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