Indeed some NGOs and corporates are exploiting job-seekers by advertising jobs that have already been filled by their preferred selection. Some are influenced by powered relatives to employ their kith and kin. Mostly, ladies and women seeking employments are targeted victims of sexual abuse. Time has come for the authorities to step in and vet these institutions that are reported to be abusing the locals and talented youth. The employment act under the labour ministry docket is very clear and should be applied to the maximum to protect innocents who are being mistreated by these firms or institutions. There must be check and balance in the application of laws governing employment. There are reported cases of outright demand of those seeking to be employed. They are told to pay certain amount of money or have their first two months’ or so pay go to the pockets of human resource (HR) managers for being favoured with the employment opportunities. This is total robbery and case of corruption which cannot be allowed to continue. Parents suffer to take their children to learn and graduate in different specialized fields to come and help them and be involved in the development of the country. The least they expect are such demands that dent the image of the labour industry on a cross-road with job-seekers. The government through the ministry of labour and key players in the industry must take note and bring to book or end the practices. There are labour inspectors who should be doing the round to ensure all are well within the sector and that no innocent citizen was abused unnecessarily with local or foreign institutions. This is the law and requirements the world-over. Labour inspectors should wake up to do their job and cases which have been taken to arbitrators for adjudication dealt with promptly.

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