Editorial 17th April 2018


When will these demands stop to open ways for ever lasting peace? Initially the warring parties had come with demands and counter-demands. In one the opposition demanded the release of Riek Machar from house arrest in South Africa. Now they are demanding that both Machar and President Salva Kiir should not be in the next transitional government. The peace talks slated for Addis Ababa later this month has once again been postponed to early next month. The country seems to be on standstill with these new approaches towards the restoration of peace. In the last process, the parties were given time to come back or go back to their bases and through consultations, iron out the contentious issues facing the deliberation. If only some of these groups were having heart for the suffering of people in this country, they would have shelved their personal interests and attend to the needs of the majority populate. It may be obvious that peace will only be attained through the domesticated National Dialogue. Because it was in touch with the general public and addresses their issues at the grassroots. The only predicament could be the lack of working capital to effectively produce the required results within a short period of time. If the support being directed to Addis Ababa, was given to the National Dialogue for sure there could have been some major positive signs and it would have been a sure way that the country was going to enjoy peace sooner than later. The notion that some key players were not willing to let peace go, coupled up with other negative factors are delaying or derailing the process. It is the people in this country who are yearning for peace that are suffering. Not those being accommodated in big hotels in Addis Ababa and enjoying the external proceeds. They would want to scuttle the process to suit their own agenda. This one will not be acceptable.

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