Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I totally agree with my minister Michael Makue Lueth on his remark over some institutions that are operating in the country and claiming to be public watchdogs. We have time and again shouted loud and clear that African affairs should remain an African issue and be solved continentally. It is on record that the external power, particularly, the West has never and will never be anywhere near to solving our continental problems but instead they will always give with one hand and hide the rest with the other hand. Without them, problems facing Africa could be minimal Indeed this has been said time and again and it is important the African Union (AU) should come out and find a lasting solution to the continent’s socio-economic needs.  I have said here before that the so-called reports by all the watchdogs emanate from almost similar sources which are the recycled year in year out. Minister Makuei clearly mentioned that the government cannot address issues raised through social media and other means. Which is true, how do these agents expect a government of a sovereign nation to dance to their tunes any time they “cough” with lies that are concocted through some back-street players who are known as sell-outs? The best to deal with such is not to give them attention and always assume that they are not there. Respect is a two-way give and take. There is no way that one can demand respect while on the other side they are not reciprocating. The time of “master boss” is long gone when they pretended to carry the word of God on one hand while the other side was busy taking away our natural resources to their motherland. In fact, we are so welcoming and friendly but far too long this has been mistaken or misconstrued to mean weakness. I have nothing personal against good friends from the west who mean well to our people and the country. What should not be taken for granted is the type of lies being spread tactically just to ensure they remained relevant to their activities. No major attention should be given to such rumors and lies there are those organizations that have the common purpose of providing for the needs of the public. The world is now a global village where any information can be received or sent within a minute it is, therefore, pointless to have the so-called experts working and sending wrong information to their masters. It should be prudent that any information should be shared with the government if meant for correcting some mistakes detected instead of blowing them out of proportion. I stand to be corrected but l think we do not need the so many organizations that are ill bent in tarnishing the country’s image at their own will.We have lived beyond this mark which some people are still interested in dragging us to follow for their own interests.

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