There should be no more killings in yei river state

Not again. Seven killed in Yei River State through gun fighting between Government and rebel forces. The Government was forced to come in to contain the situation after the opposite provoked the situation by opening fire. Whichever or whatever the cause, remain unacceptable as the end result, lives have been lost. The Governor, David Lokonga Moses, tells a story of being taken by surprise by the rebel attack while they were carrying out peace negotiation in the neighboring country which is also hosting a number of refugees, most of them from Yei River and others. Reports have been coming from this part of the country of continued war-like activities which has displaced many people with most of them who have not crossed the border hiding in the bush with or without their families. It is just few months when it took the priority of President Kiir to visit the area and assure the residents of the Government commitments to peaceful co-existence. The President gave a stern warning to those with guns not to misuse them against the innocent and unarmed citizens. However, those behind the war and killings have eluded the warning. State Government under Lokonga David, how long are we going to remain hearing and witnessing these atrocities being committed against innocent people in the locality? Come out and restore sanity in the State and let people come back to till their land and plant crops to avoid further hunger at this time when the rains are on. Not killings or war will help us move forward to develop this country. Rebels or whatever name they are called must be contained if not cleared off the ground completely to allow peace to come back in the area.


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