Editorial July 12 2018


Insulting a police officer who is on duty is a crime punishable by the law of the land. Misusing emergency services availed at the disposal of the general public, is equally a criminal act which cannot be tolerated. Reports from police command has come out clear that there are some people in different locations who are misusing the emergency service which is dedicated for the safety of the public, the 777, for their own intention. This number and other under the category of emergency service should only be called when there is absolute need and reason(s) to do so. The other falling in this category are ambulance, fire brigade and air evacuation services among others. Unless one is himself or herself is criminal why should you wake up with weird thoughts of calling these at night or day on a wild errand? There must be some semblance of order in a society if meaningful development was anything to go by. It cannot be wished or washed away. It cannot be kept under the carpet or in the wardrobes. The truth is that order must take a precedent lead amongst the society to enable the authority to articulate matters that borders on their needs. It is childish to call 777 number which is reserved for emergency and tune music or abuse the recipient on the other end who in this case is a police officer on service deliver to the public. Some habit must be stopped for the benefit of the country. The public have had enough and they must be given time to recover, now that peace is a stone through away. Brigadier Daniel Justine, the national police spokesperson has laid it clear .Any body found messing with the regulated operational system will be dealt with according to the law. This should not be just a mere threat but a reality with action oriented measures.    

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