There is time for everything

As the saying goes that “there is time for everything under the sun, time will come and every human on this Earth will admit that the time has really arrived to differentiate between the good and bad and to know the wickedness and righteousness. Time will come for South Sudanese to remember the suffering of 21 years that they were struggling in agony and with all kinds of challenges. They will remind themselves of the reasons why they stood up from all directions and took up arms due to hunger, thirst and mainly killed by gun. Strong legends had dedicated their lives for the sake of setting their people from discrimination and marginalization. Yes they got the victory. They successfully achieved freedom. Though there were loss of lives and properties they are considered as the genuine liberators. They deserve applause because they have brought liberty to all those who would remain alive on the land. The freedom is made for the coming generation.

Soon wrong concepts that came midst us and contaminated our hearts with hatred and tribalism will cease. Where is the South Sudan that people fought for? People have forgotten the purpose of fighting for many years and they adopted evil spirit of recklessness. There is no forgiveness now. There is no serene because people are running away from their own motherland to foreign countries to seek for a peaceful place where they could to get access to food, clean water, medication, education and clothing.

What brought the confusion! What a terrible life! It is appalling that the same brothers and sisters who struggled together for the land are betraying themselves and turning to be enemies. It seems like they are they are blind enough to suppress the destruction and trepidation of what would happen as a result. A human being is always sinful against themselves and God their creator. If there is a belief that Jesus dies for all the sinners and to set them free from the sufferings of the world, why do they killed Him? He was innocent but because mankind hates change. If people don’t respect and obey fellow human that means no genuineness. When somebody does a mistake, he or she is not forgiven. People wish one another troubles and demise. North, South, East and North of the country, there is no verity and equality but those few ones who have charity are avoided to reach those in need. What a land of regretful decision?

Nothing lasts forever even the world itself but before the end of the world time will come for South Sudanese to ask themselves about the aim they stood up from direction. They will sit down to dialogue and discus any misunderstandings among themselves. Time will come for them to realize that not everyone is a problem. Even though they hated each other because of ethnic barriers, Tribe is not people but it is just title and every human must have an origin or identity. People should judge themselves basing on individual behaviors. Time will come to stop generalizing certain group of people as wrong elements without vice.  People will one day face the consequences and the sourness of what they have created.

Everything that goes around also comes around. Those who think that they are putting innocents into misery will one day confess before the living God. Those stealing people’s properties and robbing away lives will repent from those unwanted sinful acts. Those who do fearful things in darkness thinking that no one is watching them will refrain and live in tranquility and unity. Innocent souls will keep crying out for God to see their enemies who took away their lives on Earth. Today people with realities are not longer there. Those who are to guide and encourage hopeless children of God are doing different interest but no preaching the good news in truth. Writer Riak Maker Mading of “Breaking the culture of Silence” column asks a question that “Are they pastors or businessmen?”It is because many pastor snare pretending to be God’s messengers while their main aim is collecting money from people, some have spirit of segregation in the church. Time will come for false revealers to answer God and explain why they had been leading His people to wrong path.

Now widows, orphans and all victims injured during the war are neglected and isolated and living in poverty. Last will the first and the first will one time be the last again. Their time will come for them to get power of wealth and health, time will come for Almighty creator to send His peace on Earth and change the heart of every man and woman on this land.

Those who are doing corruption, torturing lower people using their religious, military and political power would not stay there forever. Their time will come for them to be led by marginalized ones.

Time will come for refugees and IDPs to find peace and happiness.  May be today is for them and tomorrow will be yours.

By Akol Arop Akol

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