When we talk of development we must come out and stand to reality that this move needs the participation of each and every one. It cannot be left to one man or person. It has to be tackled in all corners with sincerity and trust bestowed on patriotism of the nation. It comes to be that those countries which have succeeded have had each person do what they could collectively. China is a good example of this, where each person does what he knows better and does it good to the satisfaction of the people and the country. Although they are still considered a developing nation, they have gone beyond this by ensuring that every person has a shelter with constant electricity and running water, medical care, education, and name it. There are a lot to borrow from the Chinese people and their nation. It is equally the role of both print and electronic media to bridge the gap to have this realized in all its totality. Be it the public or privately owned, the media in a developing society is the mouth piece of the general public and brings about check and balance between the government and members of the public. What is required is to let the media operate in a free atmosphere for the development to be realized in the country without putting too much restrictions like in China where the ruling party and the government have final say and support the existence of the media either fully or partly but do not control their choice of editorial materials positive or negative. This might look like a far reaching undertaking but something has to start from somewhere. The media in this country should work closely with the like minds, particularly, the Media Authority to improve their services to the general public. It is the only way to have effective and robust media industry for the good of the people.


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