There is need for truthfulness?

By Omuno Mogga Otto

Telling lies and giving empty promises is a common practice of corrupt politicians. Telling lies has become a habit for some people who do not care or fear about God’s commandment. One of the God’s commandments says do not lie.  In the new era of democratization, speaking the truth is what people want. It is what people appreciate.

Most of the systems of governance in Europe, America, Australia and some parts of Asia are very good for the people. The systems of governance are fruitful because there are no empty promises. In those continents mentioned above, the systems of governance work in favour of public interest. But in Africa, most of the systems of governance have a high regard for the clique in the system. That is one of the reasons which are keeping Africa in famine, political conflict, and dictatorship. In Africa, most of the ruling parties are doing a political system which is contributing or focusing on democracy in theories without its practicality.

The developing nations which know the benefit of good governance are doing development for the welfare of the people. Ours is just continues blunder. What makes many of our politicians who are in power in Africa to tell lies? Why are they not very sincere to their people? Is it because of corruption and greed associated with politics of ethnicity?

Recently, the Supreme Court in Kenya nullified the results of presidential elections and demanded for reelection to take place within the period of sixty days. The supporters of the opposition leader Raila Odinga were excited because they felt the results of the elections which declared Uhuru Kenyatta the winner was full of irregularities found and discovered by the Supreme Court.

So, Kenya has become a model for emerging democracy in Africa because in the history of Africa, something like that had never happened before. What has happened in Kenya is revealing the Supreme Court is doing an activity for the interest of the public but not the government or the ruling party of Kenya. It has indicated that the Supreme Court and the Judiciary system in Kenya are independent. What about ours? Can we hope one day our Judiciary would be independent?

Since the conflict erupted in the country in 2013, the oil production has dropped to 160,000 barrel per a day. From 2013 to 2014, the problem of delay in payment of salaries of civil servants is not like today. Some figures in the government can easily say the drop in prices of oil and the conflict is the reason making the payment of salaries not to come on time.

If the excuse of drop in oil prices and reduction in production is satisfactory then by this time war would have come to an end. The mismanagement and misuse of oil money or public fund can highly happen when the political situation in the country is not stable. Instability increases corruption. It increases the habit of telling lies. It increases the sufferings of the majority. It keeps very few people rich, fat and satisfied. It lives the majority to stay in hunger and economic frustration. South Sudan is one of the rich countries in Africa. It has abundant resources. The eyes of the ruling cliques are not seeing or differentiating the truth from the mess brought by political weakness and lack of understanding and the love for the nation. The minds of our leaders are occupied by hatred for nothing good or better except useless war. Up to today, they don’t know what they are doing is not favoring the interest of the public. It will be late to restore confidence if the habit of pretending not knowing what is wrong persists for long time.


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