There is joy after sorrow

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and God, though there are times we cannot believe him, has a plan for each and every one of us regardless of whatever kind of situation we are in or the amount of tears we have shed.

Just going through a lot of pain and suffering in your life doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. You did not ask God to create you, neither did you chose to live a lesser life.  Maybe the time that was made for you where you would experience the other sweet part of life is still underway and it will surely come.

It could be true that there are sometimes you can’t sleep because you have a lot of questions in your mind to ask God why he, among million, chose you to be the only person who had to experience life’s challenges.

Sometimes you wonder why there is too much suffering in the world and why luck seems to be a long distant away from you or the common people.

You might have even wondered why everything you try produces nothing or even worse results.  Maybe you are going through the testing times in your relationship. In your finances you are struggling a lot with no hope of recovery and it could also be that you are facing rejection and physical abuses because of the way you look maybe the society thought you might have been a biological accident and that you don’t fit in the world of the living.

All these are expected in life and they without doubt leave us hopeless but if you happen to be someone who knows that some people like you have passed through those challenges, you will get to know that life has ever been like that and it requires one to remain patient even if it takes a quite number of years. The bells of victory will be rung in your favor one day.

I have in my ordinary life came to understand that those who have made the world a more better place to live in today were the same people who have for most of their lives starting from  childhood been faced by a myriad of problems. Some of these people who are now great technological experts, politicians, and business leaders, life changing doctors, musicians and influential speakers were orphaned at the age of ten, others became street children at tender age and most of them were raised by parents who had to fight really hard for a meal.

The actions of these people challenge us to believe that joy comes after suffering and success comes after pain. Our hope must be the only thing we cannot live without even at the darkest moments when the only option is to concede defeat, we have to be encouraged that God sees every drop of tears that falls down from our eyes.

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