There is an end to everything

By Ngor Khot Garang

As humans, we are most of the times forced by the current situation into thinking that today or now is the end and that nothing would ever change. This is to say that most of us never believe in a brighter future that awaits each one of us and we conclude that we are nothing but bodies that are just waiting to be lowered in a grave. This can be true sometimes because we become what we think but when we come to real sense, this is not true and it will never be true one day.

Everything lies in God’s hands and no mortal human being can change that except God himself. The problems we have and all the pain that we continue to face on daily basis are part of God’s plan for us and they come to make us believe that God still cares and he is willing to attend to our needs no matter how long it would take because as a human, how would you enjoy life without pain and daily struggle?

Can you really be someone without having to shed those tears after realizing that there is absolutely nothing left? I will tell you and I want to be clear that this life is pain and we must always be in love with every kind of situation we are in whether it is bad or good, it is not there to kill us but to kindle the desire to try even more. The solution to every problem is not giving up, it is believing that it will come to an end and your life will automatically finds its way on the right path. I know the desire for everyone is to see the positive part of life and to witness the good thing transpiring in their lives especially when they are still alive but what happens when the start is always negative?

What will you do when your sun refuses to shine? And as a young man how you do feel when your efforts hit the rock and ended up there? You must really feel defeated and sometimes you would wish your life just end there. You will curse God for having failed you but this is nothing and there is need to always see good in the bad. Everything you face has an end as long as you still lives because this life wasn’t made to be easier.

God has tightened everything and every human is required to be strong to overcome those setbacks. By this this I am not meaning doing this is going to be like drinking water. It is never going to be easy and that is why it is life. God only picks and helps those who understand that there is a reason to always get up when one fall down. And get me clear here. I’m not trying to say that getting up is easy. I understand that doing this hurts when you have nothing to get you back on your feet but what will you do when all that you have to do is to get up? Get this it is you alone and the decisions you will make from now are what matters not what you are going through.       

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