Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I am old enough and the father and grandfather of someone. If only my late father was alive. Thanks my aged mother just came out of hospital the other day although tired but fabulously. Thanks to God for being a praying family. As l got engrossed in the heavenly world which has been my lifelong companion, the book of psalms 23 appeared in my inner thought, the part that says “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows” and l remembered the narrative of one of my alter message sender who once told the congregation that” the Lord has wonderful and good things planned for you. You may have had enemies, but he will bring you to a place of peace. He will come and anoint your life with his favour and blessing. You will have reason to rejoice and your cup will overflow”. Sometimes it is good to be protected by the heavenly father who will always be there for you and yourself. Let me not labour too much with the gospel. One truth is however clear for a long time the impression given or portrayed in the international that nothing good can come out of this country. All along it has been associated with guns and malnourishments. They are forgetting legends like Manut Bol who made it in the world field of basketball. The national chess team who won gold in the world competition, an artist’s Akon whose single record almost surpasses the world record by being tagged in the social media with more than 20 million listeners worldwide. These are people from this country who have made a mark in the world. There are young talents from this country who are making a mark outside but who some section of the international community would want to wish away. This is why even with the on- going made in South Sudan exhibition that has attracted hundreds of local and international investors has not been given prominence as it should by the international media houses. But if it was some clashes somewhere in the remote part of the country reports that would be going out would be something else. The exhibition is a tag mark for economic prospect. Those with honest and good intention should support it as it is a case and show piece that brings the business community together. It is also where different ideas a show case could be exchanged by different minds and adopted for prosperity. It shows that there are a lot of good things which can come out of this country if only given a chance to have its lasting peace. This cannot be debated since the need for it has been demonstrated by the leadership. It is time to sing with one tune that something positive can come out of this country and it has been seen worldwide unless the doubting Thomases are not ready to accept. That this exhibition is coming immediately after the signing of peace is also a demonstration that people are already having faith and trust in the government and the country. They are all out to walk the talk of peace and bring the lost glory back in the face and eyes of the public. It is encouraged that such events including national and international forums meant to bring the country together be encouraged and articulated in the honest way possible.

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