Thefts at bus stations and public places

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is not something new to talk about groups of robberies in bus stations and public places. I am sure many people had experienced how their properties were stolen whether during the day time or at night by different groups of people.  Several people properties were stolen at night by people who are in uniforms, armed and have guns. How they got the guns for doing the actions is difficult to understand.

This group of thieves they would rob your properties, sometimes you would be killed or end up injured in the process of taking and depending the belongings.

They have been called unknown gunmen. The second group are those who have no uniforms, they can break the main doors of the houses or see places for them to sneak in. Such kind of thieves sometimes could be friends of family members, relatives or else would get ways through inspection as part of their techniques.  It is easy to identify them on the streets, when they are moving by the roads sides. They look critical and strangers, while moving they also look right and left sides of the roads suspiciously.

The third group are those who are at the bus stations and public places like in the markets, social gathering during the day and night.  The group at the bus stations, they act like conductors of buses. They involved in calling people and identifying the locations of the transport.  Example if the bus is going to Gudele or Munuki they will make it clear for the passengers to understand the locations of the buses. In the process of doing the work, they can snatch your things in a way that you can’t notice immediately or not at all. Such group is dangerous especially late evening hours. Many people lost their phones and money at the bus stations because of them. They are found at Custom, Gudele, Konyo-konyo and other stations. They are common in any country like Uganda, Kenya and other Africa countries.

In developed countries, there are rules of protecting civilian’s properties at the bus stations and at the airports. The worse part of it, when anything is taken from you while travelling you get disorganize during your journey. You wonder what to do at times it would be difficult to recover them at the same time.

However, let us take care of our properties when moving in the above mentioned places in order to keep safe.

May God bless us all.

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