The youths should start being useful

By Agar Mayor Gai

The nature and duties of youths are known to every person and race. We are taken as being potentially useful and so, we have been crowned and described as the backbone of any country. We, the young people are the backbone of this country of South Sudan as it is said.

However, we are a subject to conflicts and tribal-based wars. We are, in this country, the same people who are raped, killed and moreover considered less in things to do with delivery of services to the local people. We are neglected when it is time for working for the welfare of the people. But instead, considered and bribed to kill and loot the property of their fellow citizens in times of war. And for those reasons, the youths are totally lost in the shadow of their elder relatives whose aims and vision are just self-benefiting.

If the youths of this country are to unite and speak with a single voice, they can be able to break the bondage of tribalism and corruption. It should, however, not be later than now. It should now be the right time for the youths of this country to start being useful.

We have been lost in doing those things which do not reflect the real nature of youthfulness. We have, for long, accepted to be used as a tool for destruction by our elder ones. It should be the time for youths to realize the misleading information about tribes that has been preached in their minds. Let us format our brains from all those fake and damaging perceptions about one another and start filling it up with new information that not only slaps tribalism in the face but also it reminds you and I about our duties and contributions to the welfare of this society.

We should start working for the general progress of this nation instead of being used as a tool for creating bridges among the 64 tribes. The reason behind our failure right from the presidency up to the family levels is because the youths, at all ages, are not allowed to be decision makers. All they do is just following the steps taken by their elder ones. The youths in this country are driven like cars, not knowing where they are heading to and neither do they also know the repercussions of their actions on their future. Soon or later, what the future will present for them is not what they expected in the first place. Some youths end up killing and the result of murder is prison. They lose focus and spend a half or more than that of their life expectancy in the cell. This suffering should surely come to an end. The time has now come for these youth challenges to cease. But though, the youths have to first know their duties and what are not their duties and by so doing, they will get to know about the importance and position they stand in, in the society.

The reason why people give birth is to see their young people succeeding in areas where they failed. And therefore, it becomes meaningless and useless when your child does not even reach where you reached during your youthful days.

Our elders seem to have forgotten that natural and Godly reason for giving birth otherwise, they would not have been the ones misleading and using us in things that do not account for any prosperity of our country and themselves. It should therefore, be the time also for our elder ones to cease from using us, the youths for their self benefits.

If the SPLM in opposition leadership wants to fight the SPLM in government, they must not use the young people and the SPLM in government leadership must not as well do the same. They have to bear in their minds that this time, youths will no longer succumb to the deceptions that the elder ones preach to them. The youths for that matter, have to be transformed into a different set of people who cannot be easily fooled and used for purposes of none benefit to them.

In other words, the youths are to start being useful such that the whole civil society of this nation sees the prosperity, justice and unity as the final target for every youth.

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