The young need moral up-bringing

By: Agar Mayor Gai

The young, always taken by all as the future themselves, tend to live for a miserable future in this nation. However, which young person in this country or world, would ever wish that the life which comes forth be a somewhat kind of misery and suffering? We are born with a belief by the parents that one day not too far; the young would emerge and live a life brighter than their parents lived. Does that mean all young would live and prosper in all aspects of life?

The fact that the parents wish their children a good life is never a guarantee that they are likely going to live so. Otherwise, the whole world would not have street kids, gang robbers, thieves and adulterous young generations as of the present.

We have had stories of gang robbery, theft and adultery and up to now, these phenomena of an immoral and ill-young generation still exist. In our city of Juba and beyond, these happenings are not our first time hearings. We see and hear the cries of these young people every time. Some have lost the potential and the vision they once had for this country. They wanted to be competent doctors; world class engineers and lawyers such that they contribute to the nation building in a positive way.

Their different visions, because of economic and political instability in this country, have departed their thoughts and memories. All they now think of is how to shoot and loot the nation’s resources by the power of gun.

Every young person now considers less their importance in bringing peace, unity, positivity and prosperity. Is that supposed to be their take in national concerns? And if not, what has created that despair and lazy habits in the young people that they have only to corrupt and kill? The leaders of this country have these questions to answer.

Right from the beginning, parents have had a mandate from the creator to nurture and bring up the young people in a way that does honour the heavenly father and his ways. His ways are of love, unity, kindness, hard working, justice and the ability to say no to things like killings, corruption, tribalism, disunity and laziness. How one learns these Godly ways is misunderstood and mistaken in our country. In the book of proverbs 22, the lord says “Train a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

The bible says the foolishness is born in the heart of a child: but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. Therefore, the parents and at the same time our leaders should seek wisdom, knowledge and good works from the creator such that they become what God wants of them: the good teachers of the young population in this country. What would that be if these mandated people continue failing in their duty of bringing up well the young people? Our creator knows how best he can handle this breach of his directives. It is my appeal that parents and the leaders of this country understand their roles and responsibilities in the moral up-bringing of children.

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