Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The world is full of wonders, not the known seven wonders. When one side or one hand is doing good, the other one will always try to do something different.

This country is two months away to the possible formation of a new government and the possible permanent peace in the country.

I am therefore wondering why and how someone should think of possible derailing of these important processes. Does such a person have the heart of love of this country at heart?

I am echoing these concerns because while the country is preparing and gearing to unite and have an inclusive one nation one people, some few individuals have decided that they are dissatisfied with these arrangements and would want to go their own way and style.
The country is shocked and perplexed by reports that some people met outside this their own country to form a union which is intended to represent the interests of this very country they call their own.

Instead of coming home and chat their interests with and in the people, they have decided to talk from a far and tell the world their intention which is probably contrary and out of reach for the common-man.

In the Netherlands an opposition forum has been formed by a group, some with names that at one point or another, served in different capacities.

The important thing is that if one must cure sickness he has to diagnose its cause and find the right treatment within reach. Claiming to be fighting or representing the interests of the larger population from outside the country is far-fetched and is unreal in all circumstances.

Time has come when those aspiring to be national leaders must come to reality on the ground and be with the majority whose interests has been and continue to be peace that can enable them go about and do their daily chores without fear or favor.

The government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured the country and the general population that the newly formed group will not change the peace process at any point in time.

The government is determined to go on and meet the needs and requirements of the common-man in all parts of the country.

How much can one say but like the government, to extend an olive hand to those outside to join the rest in building a stable and prosperous nation based on peace, love and unity.

It would be a memorable day when all can walk together and talk with one voice as one country and one people.

It will be joy to all to have to sing and dance together without thinking of ethnic background or who belongs where.

It will be a day of great joy to join hands and bring peace to the people of this country together without forming different political groupings which are mostly meant to divide the people and the country.

Those forming groups should give one due consideration and stop for a minute to remember the suffering of the people of this country. Let reason(s) prevail and let them think positively about the country and the common-man. This is my prayer.

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