Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is more important for a man to remain a man and live like one. It is pointless to live borrowed or imitated life which falsely displays one as a very successful personality in the society. I had and continue to have a very strong feeling that some artificial living do not end in happiness. My point is that I have met some people in the on-going life and within the peripheries that do not talk and walk of what they are demonstrating to be. Listen to this, at one point a friend came to me and told me that he wanted me, Yaba, to do something for him from a friend of mine. The truth is, it was something I could have done without much ado but experiences told me that the so called friend who had come for favour from me  to approach another friend was actually a big actor in the game. His mission was far bigger than what he had presented to me. There was a catch waiting but as l have mentioned that experience is the best teacher, l had learned something in our first contact that this so called gentleman was out to use and dump me after succeeding in his mission. The use and dump tactics was a game being played here with me. Should l give it a room or should l tell this so called friend in the face that l do not play silly or poker games with armatures. No, l did not want to cut the game short before finding out the intention. Once upon a time l did learnt that when one is playing you a game always pretend as if you are so naive and do not understand his mission until all cards are collected and put in the centre of the playing table. This way, it is easier to know which side of the ace is up or down. People like playing others thinking that they are smarter than the rest. If only there were some consideration, then there could have been prior mind to dictate to the players that there are others who are smarter than them. Time has come for each and every individual to live honest life without falsifying or imitating the other side of the world. It needs people with proper understanding and knowledge to achieve such goals. Fake and imagine lives are washed away when it rains. It cannot be left to the pretenders and imitators to chat the cause of life for others. This is what should be guarded against at all time and only talk the walk and support those who are real and ready to develop the young minds for the development of the nation and the entire world. These people in the group of confused lot should start thinking differently and be aware that the world was not a penlight which can be hidden at one’s whim.   

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