The wonders of this world will never end

Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With odongo odoyo

The wonders of this world will never end with each and every day having its own occurrences on human and socio-economic projections amongst other lifesaving and other necessities globally. I do not want anything to divert my attention in the name of who is who, where and when. This take came to me after a friend called and greeted him “good morning brother. How was your night? His reply was, good morning. I only know about the morning because at night l was sleeping and did not know what happened while in sleep” I remained tongue-tied. Throughout my life this was the first time to realize that may be far this long we have been using the wrong path to morning greetings when combining it with finding out how our night had been. Or were we. It awoken some fresh thinking of purpose which made me on my own to realize that there are still a lot to learn in this world. The remark by this friend yet opened another chapter of purpose which brings home new agenda with clarity. Some people have taken it for granted that they know it all and even seniors who have graduated from well-placed high learning institutions both locally and internationally are in the combined mix . It for our good that we must obey the learning process not only in or of schools. Wisdom must take charge for greater knowledge to have a meaning in life. This can only come when one is patients and have courage for future planning. There are people who easily forget where they came from and what made them be what they are today, more so, when they think they are going through good life and high-profiled identity. This is the shock-wage that can misdirect one and derail the thinking and wisdom of the inner thought that should be preserved when need and time desired. It is not in my school of thought to have emulated these more important and pertinent matter of the battle of a life time. It is not for our own sake but that of a wider thought of minds. Do not live to wait for tomorrow to solve an issue which can be done today. It would not help. Men of honour face it squarely and solve it there and then so that their today and tomorrows are not congested with yesterday’s headache. This is my take today because yesterday was full of some innuendoes and timeless approach by people one would have thought are well learned only to come to be that they are not real in life with their claims. They are fake prophet of doom who only wants recognition for other reasons which are only meant to suit their cause. This must stop and let pure clarity be the guide to lead the noble way of life.

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