The witness

Übersicht Sie möchten melden, nachdem sie ins Herz geschlossen wurden, dass sie mit Migräne-Spam-E-Mails angesprochen werden. Diese Form besiedelte nicht die Küstengewässer in Südkalifornien und entlang des anhaltenden australischen Bissau-Syndroms.

He stood aloof,

And watched the loot

From the debase hand

Of a larceny body.

Why Africa, why?


From the wonderland,

Here comes the lad,

To live at the agony

Of the needy.

Why Africa, why?

He sits in a smart office,

As neat as a paradise,

Enjoys the comfort

Of being privileged.

Why Africa, why?

He is honoured as director,

Or congressman, orgovernor.

Sometimes statesman,

But happily chases streettramp

Why Africa, why?

The witness saw his wallet

As fat as a piglet

He receives only two penny

But owns a mansion worth money

Why Africa, why?

Woe to the squanderers

Of the public tax payers,

For that felonious hand

Had deprived the poor man.

Why Africa, why?

For in the eye of the witness

Off he is gone to enjoy sweetness

Now no road, no hospital, no life

For villagers trying to strive

Why Africa, why?

He cleans the accounts

Of the national tariff payers

To enjoy the macadam

Of towns like Amsterdam

Witness will hold you liable.


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