The feeling of regional leaders who witnessed the just concluded formation of unity government are properly directed to the western world, more so the United States. This country is grappling with so many problems inherited for the past administration before attaining its self-rule in 2011 followed by a multitude of problems from the internal conflict. It needs true friends to understand what this nation has faced which needs collective attention to overcome. Therefore, imposing sanctions against individuals and the government does not reflect well for the well-being of its socio-economic development. The west should be considerate on this line of argument and give a chance to this young nation which is yet to jump-start its proper move forward with firm foundation being put in place. The leaders have come together and understood the need to give the citizens peace which has all along been so elusive. This new beginning should be given all support available to succeed because it is the wish of the citizens as demonstrated by the leaders who have released that war can only destroy even the best one has toiled to build through thick and thin. This why the regional leaders appealed on behalf of this country and her people for the west to go slow and support in development with firm and solid foundation for the benefit of the entire nation. The west should take the appeal seriously and be considerate before taking such punitive measures which only hinder the plans to take the country forward. It is not only sanctions but other bureaucracies that are placed without due consideration of the effect they could cause to a nation should be limited if not removed all-together. The appeal which was echoed by the regional leaders during the swearing in of the top leadership and which came from different speakers is an indicator of the concerns that indeed the country should be given a chance to start a new beginning.

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