The launching of the presidency’s website is a milestone though it has been overdue. This is a step that will make every citizens knows what their leaders are doing or up to. It has been overdue because so many things are suspected to have been going un-monitored by the tax-payers, some accuse the government of not being transparent and accountable. If the website is managed according to the standard required, these doubts will be no more as every undertakings will be available in and within the public domain. It means the national policies and plan of action would be accessed easily by the citizens that makes them accept, reject or give their comments and opinions in what would be a priority that could benefit the country. It is equally the responsibilities of the general public to ensure they were following the happenings in the government by going through the website. In most developing countries, this is one way of check and balance on the leadership on what they are doing for the people and the country at large. It should be appreciated if this will be the case without some individuals taking advantage to post what could be seen as public relation (PR) materials instead of giving facts and figures. The success of this new take will wholly depend on the main players and the people themselves by acting and reacting to what they want or what they think are not right for the general public. It could also be the beginning in which the government is opening its doors for the citizens and the general public to know what is taking place in their own midst and should be taken seriously if all previous accusation and suspicions against the management of the country’s resources were to be brought to light.

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