The first ever annual national athletic meets has just ended in Wau town but with some concerned questions begging some answers from the organizers. If indeed this was meant to be what it portrayed, then something is very wrong with the event organizers because only six States out of 32 participated. Even if it was to be argued that some areas are still insecure, but there would have been more than twenty states representing the picture of a national outfit. That transport became another issue cannot be convincing because each state can afford to raise up a team and hire even a small vehicle to carry the same to a national calling. The reduction of the days for the event to have some people or someone travel back to Juba could have been avoided with proper planning. This was the first athletics event which would have brought the country closer with sportsmen and women should have been properly organized and managed. Time has come that each one must hold his/her responsibility tightly because the country must move forward in all disciplines athletics included. Those charged with management of sports just like other sectors must be people who are committed to the cause and have the interests at heart not carrying titles and names. Well organized sporting brings people and the country together at all times. This is why one has to love what he/she is doing before venturing into being titled or positioned. What happened in Wau should not be allowed to happen again because it ends up giving negative picture not of the discipline but the whole institutions of the country. It would have been a blessing and privilege to re- start on a true and honest way of building the sport for the benefit of the youth and the country. Whoever was behind this chaos in organizing the event should read the lips of the athletics.

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