The Ant-Narcotic Department of the National Police has laid it bear with open reports that some army trucks were being used in illegal importation of hard drugs in the country. Reason(s), these vehicles are privileged and never checked by the security network. This is not far from saying that the work of controlling the use of these drugs by youngsters through the “ black drug barons” were being made impossible by the same arm of the Government who seems to be  colluding with the hard drugs dealers in and outside the country. Police and army falls under one category of security organs in the country although with different mandates. For one to do the opposite of the other is like denying your right hand the knowledge to know what your left hand is doing. We are not apportioning blame to any section and until we find out the truth from Bilpam, we shall treat this as a possibility and not a reality. What is of importance however, is the fact that these drugs are dangerous to our youth and must be controlled at all cost. In some countries penalty for trafficking drugs ranges from life imprisonment to death. There are those outside there who will want to make money in all corners using our own people to destroy a generation. This is unacceptable and must be treated as committing suicide which is also a crime punishable by the laws. It will be very unfortunate if those serving under the same government are betraying the services offered by their own for the good of this nation. The Anti-Narcotic Police knows the danger of these drugs which are classified in different categories. When the department tells the country how harmful these pellets or drugs are, they should be listened to. Not to use any other method to bring them in the first place because the end results is very, very disastrous to a Nation.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


We were summoned on a mission impossible by none other than the bosses of Juba Teaching Hospital to answer some charges together with our usual friend SaTP. In all situations, he is and was the cause of the urgent phone call to appear before these medics who were having a brass with their bosses at Ministry of Health head office for what they termed “professional negligence” not that someone had accidentally gotten the wrong prescription or administered with wrong drug. It was some foreign doctors who claimed to have performed miracles in the National Hospital without mentioning the lead doctor who is a local. The Chinese doctors to be precise have been doing a number of medical assistance in collaboration with our own local medics in a number of health institutions. The case here was a bit peculiar. All the locals wanted were to be recognized and mentioned in the press. This is a fact which had escaped our attention because these articles were being sent to media houses as paid up advertisements. It is however, our ignorance and in this case ignorance has no defense. It was a case which needed soberness as we entered the administration block of the Teaching Hospital. SaTP who was our cause of this important but un-planned gathering did not believe when almost everyone present turned attention to me as a long old friend of the hospital. I remember some three years back l and some of my friends contributed ACs to a number of women and children wards. Those who were there then still remembered me and our contribution. This almost saved the situation we could have found ourselves in. But one thing came out very clear. Our local medics had all reasons to be weary of the prevailing situation and wanted remedy out. This is where this son of… came in handy. He told them to leave all the matter to him. One, he was going to find out from the licensing authority if the foreign medics were properly placed to carry out the work they were supposed to do, second he was going to meet these people himself because he had gone through some medical journals which says clearly doctors are not supposed to advertise their work through the press considering the sensitivity of the profession and last whether their premises met the standard required. In conclusion we came to realize that this was a promotion gimmick of business by just another name.

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